North & Eastern Europe, your client’s next stop?

The Northern Lights are among the reasons to travel north, with the top three countries for seeing them being Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. City destinations in this region include Copenhagen, Helsinki, Reykjavík, Oslo, Moscow, St Petersburg, and Stockholm. 

Copenhagen is a great foodie destination in Europe. Between top landmarks, the Amalienborg Palace and the Christiansborg, we suggest visitors to sample the local cuisine! Finland’s capital Helsinki offers fine dining too, as well as spectacular scenery and architecture,  spread over the peninsula and hundreds of islands. 

The melting glaciers are a popular reason to visit Iceland, while visitors to the capital Reykjavík may like to melt in the geothermal Blue Lagoon, and Norway is known for its Viking past although its capital is recognised for forward-thinking architecture and urban design.

Visitors to Russia are likely to be arriving in Moscow, the capital known for the austere Soviet buildings and Red Square, or St Petersburg, where photogenic buildings line the River Neva.

Sweden is famous for Abba, and Ikea. Its urban area of Stockholm, which is, in fact, an archipelago, is the most populous of all the Nordic countries.

This grouping includes the counties of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Romania, Russia, Sweden, and Ukraine.