Istanbul, your client´s next stop?

Located on the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul is a true melting pot, due to the influence of both Asian and European cultures. 

The Old City reflects the cultural influences of the many empires that once ruled here. It was ruled by the Byzantines as Constantinople before the rise of the Ottoman Empire, and its Roman influences are still clear, due to cultural artefacts like the Roman-era Hippodrome, which hosted ancient chariot races, as well as the Hagia Sophia, first built by the Byzantines in 537 A.D and famed for its massive dome and Christian mosaics.
Visitors to Istanbul should see the Blue Mosque, also called Sultan Ahmet Mosque. Completed in 1616, it is an impressive building, featuring unique blue tile decoration, a massive main dome and six towering minarets. Topkapı Palace, with its numerous royal artefacts, is also a major attraction. 

Near Topkapı Palace is the Spice Bazaar, famed worldwide for the bulk sale of spices, as well as other souvenirs and products. The nearby Grand Bazaar inside the Walled City of Istanbul is thought to be the oldest covered market in the world and is by far the most popular, with over four thousand shops across 61 streets, attracting an estimated 91 million visitors per year.