China &Taiwan, your client´s next stop?

Beijing, China's capital, is a futuristic city with an ancient past. The first walled city, Jicheng, was built in 1045 BC while fossils of early humans found in the Zhoukoudian caves date back hundreds of thousands of years. The Forbidden City is the 15th-century palace complex that was home to emperors and thus decorated accordingly, a must see along with the Great Wall, a popular day-trip destination.

In Shanghai, the second most populated city on Earth, top locations include the 16th-century Yu Garden, five-acres of picturesque ponds and traditional pavilions, and Nanjing Road, the main thoroughfare of the city which is internationally renowned for shopping, eating, clubbing, and nightlife. 

Taiwan, located in the East China Sea, is famed for its food, tea, and culture. The capital Taipei has popular night markets, such as Shilin market, a great place to enjoy street food find souvenirs, while the National Palace Museum is a must-see for history and art lovers, displaying a number of Chinese Imperial artworks that were moved from the Forbidden City of Beijing in the late 1940s. Outside the city and accessible by train is the Beitou spa region, where tourists can soak and relax after a long day of hiking at nearby Yangmingshan National Park, and Kenting, in the southeast of Taiwan has beautiful hiking trails and natural hot springs and beaches too!